Snoring Diagnosis At Respacare Sleep Center

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If you snore – or if people tell you that you do — there’s about a 50 percent chance you have a serious medical condition called obstructive sleep apnea. The sleep center at Respacare specializes in finding the source of patients’ sleeping problems, such as snoring, and giving them treatment options that reduce or eliminate the symptoms by addressing the underlying cause.

The Health Risks Of Snoring

Snoring isn’t one of those things you think of as a health risk. For some people, however, snoring goes beyond an irritant and can be a sign of sleep apnea, a potentially serious medical condition. People diagnosed with this condition are known to have an increased risk of stroke and heart disease, which alone makes it worth getting your snoring checked out.

Nobody knows for sure yet whether snoring by itself is dangerous to your health, but we do know it can dry out your mouth and throat, trigger nighttime breathing problems and disrupt sleep enough to leave you drowsy the next day. Whatever the cause of your snoring, it’s a condition worth treating.

Treatment Options

At Respacare, we lean on the experience of our board-certified sleep medicine specialists to help you understand why you snore and what can be done about it. One option is called CPAP, which involves a fairly simple machine that helps you breathe at night. On the other end of the spectrum, we can provide surgical options to correct the airway blockage that triggers snoring. We also have resources to help you lose weight, because being overweight is a risk factor for snoring.

The Sleep Center At Respacare

Whatever is causing you to snore through the night, and whether it’s serious or just annoying, Respacare is here to help you. The expert care you can expect at our sleep centers in New Jersey discovers the cause of your snoring and addresses it in the way that’s best for you. Call 732-356-9950 for an appointment, or come in to our Flemington or Bridgewater office today.