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Huma Remote Monitoring



Respacare is proud to offer best-in-class care outside of our office with Huma remote monitoring.

Together we have created a care plan just for our patients to help you gain better control of your health and share important insights with us so we can proactively treat you. The service is available to patients 12+ and all you need is a smartphone to enroll. We continue to see that these tools are helping us make quick decisions and our patients have more understanding of their condition and learn meaningful ways to manage their health. We would love for you to consider enrolling!


Frequently Asked Questions


What are the benefits of Remote Patient Monitoring?

Remote Patient Monitoring helps your doctor continuously monitor your health so we can identify changes sooner, often before you even begin to feel sick. This system helps us see how you are doing in between visits to our office. If we detect any changes, we can take a proactive approach to your care to prevent you from getting any worse. Many of our patients on the service have told us they have peace of mind knowing we are keeping a close eye on them. They appreciate that we are checking in on them frequently and take comfort in knowing that if we see any cause for concern, we will reach out to determine next steps.


What comes with the Remote Patient Monitoring program?

When you enroll in our Remote Patient Monitoring program, you will receive a Fitbit wearable watch along with any other medical devices, such as a spirometer that your physician suggests. The Fitbit is a wearable tracker which is able to monitor your heart rate, respiratory rate, pulse oxygen levels, sleep and activity tracking!


Who is seeing my data?

Your data is shared through a HIPAA compliant dashboard with your care team. Huma uses advanced data protection tools to ensure all of your data is safe.


What happens if you see something in my data?

If we are notified of any changes in your condition, our team will give you a call and ask you some questions to assess your health. Should we feel it necessary, we will create a treatment plan which may include a visit to your doctor or telehealth appointment.


Is this covered by my insurance?

Remote patient monitoring is covered by Medicare and most Commercial plans. We would be happy to review your specific insurance coverage to determine if you are eligible.


How do I get enrolled?

We have partnered with Huma to help us enroll and set up patients on the service.



If you are interested or have any additional questions, please give us a call at 201-743-8805.



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