New Jersey Sleep Disorder Treatments

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There’s nothing quite like a good night’s rest, but an underlying sleep disorder can be exhausting. Understanding and addressing these disorders might be what you need to dream peacefully and wake up invigorated. If sounds like it pertains to you, the talented team at Respacare can help.

Types of Sleep Disorders

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Sleep disorders run the gamut from temporary interruptions such as jet lag to chronic conditions such as narcolepsy. You may experience broken sleep patterns because of shift work or snoring, or you may need help discovering why your jumpy legs wake you up right in the middle of a fantastic dream.

Sleep apnea is another relatively common disorder in which you might experience pauses in your breathing or moments of choking, snoring or gasping while you sleep. Whether you’re plagued by insomnia or feel sleepy all day long, Respacare can help you pinpoint the cause and find a solution.

How a Sleep Doctor Reaches Diagnosis

Our sleep experts use a variety of tools to reach a diagnosis:

  • Home sleep testing measures sleep duration and respiratory function while you’re comfortably snuggled in your own bed.
  • Job-related sleep testing helps us diagnose pilots and commercial drivers who may have unique schedules that influence their rest.
  • A Maintenance of Wakefulness Test gauges how alert you are throughout the day.
  • Multiple Sleep Latency Tests assess excessive daytime sleepiness.

Undergoing Treatment

Your exact treatment plan depends on your diagnosis, but there are many options available. You may be referred to our CPAP clinic, where our registered on-site sleep technologists monitor and educate patients. Other options include dental devices, sleep apnea therapy such as BPAP or CPAP machines. Depending on your symptoms and the doctor’s recommendation, you may receive one form of treatment or receive a multipronged plan designed to get you sleeping soundly as soon as possible.

Recapturing Your Rest in Bridgewater, New Jersey

You deserve to wake up feeling refreshed. Visit our sleep clinic in New Jersey and get the expert assistance you need to rise, shine and face the day with a smile. Contact us to request a new patient appointment at our Bridgewater  location, or call our office directly at 732-356-9950.