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Woman listening to patient heart with a stethoscopeWhen a lung condition or sleep disorder leaves you feeling exhausted and unwell, a visit to the talented pulmonary doctors at Respacare could be your ticket to a happier, healthier future.

The Purpose Of Pulmonary Care

Pulmonary services are those tests, procedures and treatment plans concerned with lung health. Patients who visit the pulmonary lab at Respacare are often suffering from symptoms such as shortness of breath, unexplained coughing, chest pressure and/or pain, dizziness, fatigue, exercise intolerance and general weakness.

Through a series of tests, our pulmonary doctors work to diagnosis the underlying pulmonary disorder causing your discomfort. Whether you have bronchitis, asthma, pulmonary fibrosis, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) or another lung-related condition, treatment is available.

Finding A Skilled Pulmonary Doctor In New Jersey

Respacare’s skilled team of experts includes board-certified physicians with extensive education on breathing issues, chest disorders and sleep-related issues. We have carefully selected our medical experts for their experience and dedication to patient health. All physicians are passionate about their respective specialties and have augmented their initial training with additional forays into complementary fields such as critical care and internal medicine.

Service For Sleep-Related Issues

Lack of sleep isn’t just exhausting, it’s also dangerous. From falling asleep at the wheel to turning in a lackluster performance at work, fatigue leads to a host of problems that can easily derail your professional success and personal life. Our sleep disorder specialists help patients with insomnia, breathing issues and other sleep disturbances identify the root cause of their ongoing fatigue and decide on a possible solution.

To reach a diagnosis, sleep specialists may use:

  • Sleep testing conducted in the patient’s home
  • Job-related sleep tests that help patients on unusual job schedules get more rest
  • Maintenance of wakefulness tests that measure overall alertness
  • Sleep latency tests to gauge whether patients are excessively sleepy during the day

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If you find yourself longing for your next deep breath or a full night’s rest, your return to wellness may hinge on a visit to a pulmonary doctor or our Bridgewater, NJ, sleep clinic. To make your appointment, call our office at 732-356-9950 or use the convenient new patient appointment request form on our site.