Jet Lag Treatments in Bridgewater, NJ

Tired man at airportJet lag can be a debilitating ailment for frequent business and personal travelers alike, especially if you cross multiple time zones. The feelings of overwhelming fatigue after completing travel to a different part of the country or world can remain for days or even weeks afterward. Working with a sleep doctor through Respacare can help you find ways to effectively battle jet lag and enjoy restful sleep no matter where you travel.

Why Jet Lag Occurs

Jet lag can occur any time your travel crosses multiple time zones. Your body is exposed to different expectations when the time changes, as well as different exposures to daylight and darkness. This interrupts your natural circadian rhythms, when your mind and body work together to indicate your need for sleep. The feeling of jet lag is caused when your body is still oriented to the time zone you departed while your mind is processing expectations for the time zone you’re currently in.

Working with A Sleep Doctor

Disorders that impact your sleep can affect your overall health in many ways, including cognition, digestion and even basic respiration. When you visit our Respacare clinic to be evaluated by a sleep doctor for issues you believe are caused by jet lag, we’ll also check that no other underlying issues are affecting your health. We’ll consider the full range of symptoms you’re experiencing, how often you travel and how far you travel to calculate the impact of jet lag on your sleep habits and schedule you for in-depth sleep testing as necessary.

Jet Lag Treatment Options

Jet lag treatment options can range from slowly adjusting your sleeping times instead of automatically changing between time zones to light therapy and supplementation. Your sleep doctor also works with you to address any other underlying sleep issues that may be heightening the impact of your jet lag, including sleep apnea, restless legs and snoring. You can rely on the expertise of Respacare physicians to help you create a comprehensive plan for consistently restful sleep.

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