Allergy Testing and Treatment

Respacare allergy testing in Bridgewater, NJ

Suffering from allergies can impact your everyday life in significant ways. Luckily, there is relief to be found for allergy sufferers at Respacare.

Allergy Testing

The allergy testing processes at Respacare are easy, pain-free and effective. We use no needles to test and treat allergy patients, and there’s no need for a referral to a specialist for allergy testing. 

Allergy Testing Procedure

The allergy test involves the nurse scratching the surface of your back with a variety of allergens. Slight swelling, redness or irritation are all indicators of a positive allergy test.

The entire procedure takes about 10-15 minutes, and you’ll know your results in 20 minutes or less.

Respacare’s allergy testing procedure is unique because it is noninvasive, needle-free and painless.

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After the allergy test is complete, you may experience symptoms of itchy skin, a stuffy nose, red watery eyes or a skin rash. These side effects are normal and should gradually subside after testing is complete.

Why Is Allergy Testing Necessary?

Allergy testing helps you and your doctor come up with the appropriate treatment plan for your allergies. Other benefits of allergy testing include:

  • Identifying and confirming the types of allergies you have
  • Providing possible avoidance strategies to allergies that trigger your symptoms
  • Determining your therapy 
  • Discovering a baseline to analyze improvement with your symptoms as treatment progresses

Sublingual Immunotherapy For Effective Allergy Treatment

At Respacare, you can benefit from the latest cutting-edge allergy treatments available today, including sublingual immunotherapy (SLIT). SLIT is an allergy relief treatment that is administered orally through a series of drops. 

Each serum is individualized for the patient. Your drops have been collected and formulated based on your test results. The drops are applied under the tongue each day and allow you to safely build immunity against these allergens.

This type of treatment is convenient because you can administer it yourself in your own home and can soon be living allergy-free.

Dosing Schedule For Sublingual Immunotherapy

The dosing schedule of SLIT is broken down into five phases. These are designed to allow you to build immunity slowly over time so you can eventually live allergy-free after 12-24 months.

Phases 1-5

During the first five stages, drops are applied under your tongue every morning and held for two minutes before swallowing. During week 1, only one drop is applied each day. In week 2, two drops are applied, week 3, three drops and week 4, four drops. This is repeated each month during the first five phases.

Phase 5m

After the first five stages are complete, you enter the maintenance stage, or Phase 5m. During this stage, five drops are administered each day for four weeks or as long as it takes to build up sufficient immunity. 

Results Of Allergy Treatment

The effectiveness of sublingual immunotherapy varies from patient to patient. How quickly you experience relief depends on the severity of your allergies and your overall health. In general, sublingual immunotherapy takes about 12-24 months to be successful.

Contact Respacare For Long-Term Allergy Relief

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